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Modern Photo Booth Types (Configurations)


212 photo booth open photo booth

The photo booth consists of two enclosed cases standing 6’ high and creating a compact 14” by 22” footprint at the event.

The top case houses the adjustable studio strobe, Canon DSLR camera, Windows 64-Bit custom computer system and touch screen monitor interface, while the bottom case houses the professional dye-sublimation printer.

The digital imaging, print quality and speed are superior. Studio grade adjustable lighting and Canon DSLR imaging technology is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 8 seconds. The ability to take pictures with a digital backdrop (Green Screen utilization) is also built into the Open Air Photobooth® Software.



The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a unique photo-generating event and party attraction offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

Attendants can either operate the Magic Mirror Photo Booth exclusively, or can instruct and oversee guests as they interact with the photo booth.

Photo booth customization can include custom or branded workflow and you can choose from a wide array of features to include in the interactive photo-taking experience. Choose to include voice guidance, gesture & movement detection, vibrant animations displayed on the mirror, touch screen photo-signing, colorful and fully customizable emoji stamping, an interactive “Screaming Contest”, social games, and a colorful photo countdown.

Portable, Durable and Simple to Set Up

The 212 Photo Booth Magic Mirror Photo Booth is easy and safe to travel; with a road case including handles, wheels and a protective foam cover, which fits all components inside.

High-Tech Quality Glass

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth glass’ transparency quality produces crisp, crystal clear graphics for users to engage with; while the brilliant interface coding ensures a pure reflection on a top-quality mirror. Safe and durability for parties and events… tested with a hammer! We’ve  never had the mirror’s glass break, so we put its durability to test with a hammer. The result? The Mirror Me Booth’s glass remained intact.

200+ Premium Animations

The possibilities are endless. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth comes with 200+ premium animations. Each animation has been especially created to offer bright and colorful graphics on this device and that will engage your guests. Many animations are even offered in a variety of different languages. All animations include professionally recorded voice-overs.

Built-in, Animations for Kids

With children’s animations integrated in the software, we can offer your guests the interactive photo booth of your dreams. Whether it’s for a birthday party, carnival or charity event, children can enjoy the magic of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth lets kid’s interact with lively animations while getting an exciting keepsake from the event.

Create Your Own Custom Animations

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth supports custom animations! This means you can fully personalize the experience delivered at an event. For instance, you can load animations featuring the married couple at a wedding. At a corporate event, you can load branded animations to emphasize the corporate image. The potential of this dynamic feature is virtually unlimited. In addition, custom static images are supported as well.

Multi-Presets Selection Screen

When implemented, the Multi-Presets Selection Screen allows the your guests (users) to choose from several different templates, print layouts, languages, and their desired background. These options are displayed by a thumbnail image of their photo layout. This feature keeps things fresh and exciting so your guests can enjoy a dynamic experience! By simply tapping on the screen to choose, guests have the ability to control their user experience.

Photo Signing & Stamping Features

Customize and brand your prints and experience with one of the most exciting features of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, the optional, built-in Signing & Stamping Feature. Guests love having the ability to personalize their keepsake with this unique and interactive feature. When the Signature feature is included in a workflow, guests will have the ability to draw or sign their name directly on the mirror, which will then be printed out on the final image.

The Signature Feature offers:

  • “Multi-Touch Support”, allowing up to 6 guests to get creative at the same time.
  • Apply a vibrant neon effect to the signature.
  • Change the pen’s size and color settings, including an option for random color selection.
  • An “Undo” button allows the user to undo strokes an unlimited number of times.
  • A “Clear Drawing” button allows the user to start the signature from scratch.
  • You can let the user add stamps from a built-in collection and even add your own custom stamps to the selection.

A Customizable, Mesmerizing LED Ring

The LED Ring is a brilliant add-on that emits a mesmerizing, animated light from within the mirror. The accessory naturally guides the user to look directly into the camera lens as it captures the photo. An amazing element about the LED Ring is the ability to control all aspects of the glamorous display directly from the Magic Mirror Photo Booth. We can customize the pattern of light animation (transition of circles, point accumulation or single point transition), the speed of the pattern and even the color of the lights. We even have the ability to set different patterns for different stages of the workflow.

Printing Options

Mirror Me Booth Printer

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth can ask the user how many copies it should print (if any). You can pre-set the limit to offer a minimum/maximum number of print copies. Photographs are automatically transferred for an immediate print. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is famous for the quality product delivered. The highest possible photograph quality is ensured by a professional DSLR camera which supports any print size, including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 (both vertical & horizontal). Supports photo strip printing.

Sharing Options

The mirror includes a built-in email sharing option. You can share multiple photographs, animated GIF files and full videos (with audio) generated by the mirror using your server. Note that Foto Master does not offer storage, hosting, email server, or online access to the data captured. To achieve that, one can explore the different social media integration platforms available in the market. Social media integration is also made accessible via a third-party software. 212 PHOTO BOOTH will supply you with a unique offer for a third-party social sharing app. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth uses a hot spot connection to wirelessly send photographs, GIFs and videos to a tablet stand running the social sharing app provided by the third-party software.

GIF & Video Saving From Photos

With the ability to save GIFs & videos from the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you can turn the photo-taking experience into more than just a photo keepsake! While the digital camera captures the photos, the software transforms these photos into a GIF or a video file which can easily be sent to your email or shared to your social channels.

Screaming Contest Feature

Bring excitement to your event with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth’s optional, built-in Scream feature. Can you recall those candid shots of you screaming as you ride down a terrifying roller-coaster? The engaging scream feature captures the same idea by inviting users to reach the highest level of the scream bar as their photo is being taken. These results can be visually presented on the final photo with the achieved score as well. The end result? Some great laughs and a hilarious photo keepsake!

Built-In Games & Apps

You read it right! 212 PHOTO BOOTH provides the most-intuitive Magic Mirror Photo Booth which lets users play social games directly on the mirror. We can customize the entire game-integration in the workflow while combining gaming and selfie photography for a mind-blowing experience.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth comes with a Tic-Tac-Toe game and a Pong game.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a versatile photo booth. With the ability to create video and audio recordings, guests can use this feature as a way to record a message at a wedding or simply to record a funny video clip with friends.

The 212 PHOTO BOOTH’ Magic Mirror Photo Booth supports video recording via the integrated DSLR camera, via a webcam or the integrated Kinect sensor.

Looking to add some energy to your video? Add a soundtrack! Pick your favorite tune and sync it with the video recording for the most entertaining keepsake.

Photo Retake Feature

Every aspect of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth makes sure your guests walk away with a smile. With the Photo Retake feature, the user has the option to retake a photo in a seamless, time-efficient manner that ensures satisfaction. The powerful Magic Mirror Photo Booth with customization lets you choose the exact state which the workflow returns to when “Retake” is chosen.

Green Screen Support

The Green Screen feature lets your guests position themselves anywhere in the world with a simple green screen backdrop. This feature uses precise and accurate chroma keying to provide guests with the ultimate experience in special effects. Offer your guests different backgrounds to choose from or use a standard one throughout the Workflow.

Kinect Background Removal Feature

Looking to achieve the results of using a green screen without actually using a green screen? Look no further! The Magic Mirror Photo Booth will continue to amaze with the special Background Removal using the built-in Kinect sensor.

Using Kinect for XBox One, the software cleverly isolates the user’s body from the rest of the location and replaces it with your desired background – just like magic!

Movement & Gesture Detection

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth allows you to use different triggers to move from one state to the next. The software works with Kinect for XBox One to detect the user’s gestures, offering a futuristic and interactive experience.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth can detect when a person has entered the area and begin the sequence. Movements are detected through basic gestures, like raising both hands above your head or smiling. The software can also detect when a person has entered or left the area to begin and finish the experience.

100+ Presets & Templates

The 212 PHOTO BOOTH’ Magic Mirror Photo Booth comes with 100+ customized templates right out the box. Load workflows with complete and unique animations and engaging features to suit the event.

Custom Layout Designer

You can customize printing options as well! Configure and set the desired layout for the printout and include branding to leave a lasting impression. We can allow you to add text, an image of your logo and to modify the layout size, orientation, background and foreground.

Multilingual Support

212 PHOTO BOOTH’ Magic Mirror Photo Booth animations attract a wide array of populations with different language options to choose from. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth visual animations are offered in Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and many more.

Customizable Frames

We have a selection of frames ranging from classic to modern, colorful to monochromatic – whatever suits your needs! If you are looking for a specific design for your event, we can customize as well.

Hardware Branding

Incorporate fitted panels and your company’s logo to personalize your Magic Mirror Photo Booth. Offer an authentic experience and strengthen your corporate image during your marketing campaign with these personalized additions.

212 photo booth magic mirror photo booth



Draws the Audience In: 360 Degrees of a Jaw-Dropping Design

When set up, the Beauty Mirror Booth is a 69″ high, 38″ wide staggering beauty. It has a mesmerizing circular LED light surrounding a 32″ mirror that displays 24″ vibrant graphic animations – a combination that is impossible to overlook.
The Ultimate Selfie Fun: Crystal-Clear Reflection, Vibrant Animations, Touch-Based Games, Pro-Grade Photography & Print

When looking at the Beauty Mirror Booth, participants see a perfect combination of their reflection with beautiful graphic animations. It feels like magic, but it is real.

The clever graphic animations guide and entertain the participants through an interactive process of taking high-quality selfies, signing and stamping them, applying filters; recording a video, playing multiplayer touch-based games and finally; printing the creation as a keepsake or sharing it online.
It’s a Magical Experience
About Photo Taking

The Beauty Mirror Booth captures professional-grade photographs & videos with a Canon DSLR camera of your choice mounted from behind the glass, hidden from sight. For professional lighting, the Beauty Mirror Booth supports mounting a strobe flash, monolight, umbrella, reflector, softbox, beauty dish, and diffuser.
Full-Length Group Photos

The DSLR camera mounted inside the Beauty Mirror Booth will take any kind of photo you want; be it single, couple, or even large groups (up to 50 people in one shot).

Using its easily adjustable orientation, angle, tilt, and zoom, you can extend the shot beyond the perceived size of the mirror.
Photo Signing & Stamping

You can allow the participants to sign & stamp their photos for the final printout and online sharing. Signing & stamping is touch-based and supports up to 6 participants getting creative together.

The signing style can be customized by the participants to include a glowing neon effect and to change the stroke’s size & color. Participants can also use buttons to undo strokes or clear the drawing to start over.

For stamping, participants can choose and apply stamps from a selection of 100 built-in emojis, symbols, and characters. On top of the built-in selection, you can add your own custom stamps as PNG, JPG or SWF files.
Beauty Filter Feature

The ‘Beauty Filter’ feature is based on an image processing algorithm developed exclusively by Foto Master for the Mirror Me software. By enabling the feature, the Beauty Mirror Booth will automatically process and enhance participants’ selfies before they are printed or shared online. You can easily set the filter’s enhancement intensity using software options.

Extensive work has gone into creating an algorithm which has a subtle yet significant effect while keeping the natural sense of the original image. In order to achieve that, the feature uses adaptive filtering, soft contrast lighting correction, smart noise reduction and unique facial features preservation techniques.
Photo Retake Feature

With the Photo Retake option enabled, the Beauty Mirror Booth will make sure the participants are happy with their photo in a fluent, time-efficient manner by asking the participants to approve the photo or retake it.
Green Screen Support

The green screen support of the Beauty Mirror Booth allows participants to choose a background for their selfie at runtime or alternatively, you can set a custom background according to the event’s theme.
GIF & Video Saving From Photos

The Beauty Mirror Booth can automatically create a looping animation from the participants’ selfies in a GIF or MP4 format. The animation can then be shared online by email or by social media integration.
Video Recording

You can allow participants to shoot & share funny videos with friends or record a personal message for the event’s hosts. By including a custom animation before the video recording starts, you can even guide the participants to record something specific around the event’s theme, for example, a moonwalk dance move.

Participants can review the video to confirm or retake it. And to top it off, you can also allow participants to add a soundtrack to their video.
The Swipe Layout Feature

The Swipe Layout feature of Foto Master’s Mirror Me software is an amazingly fun & easy way for you to let participants choose a preferred overlay for their photos before they are shared & printed.

You can set this feature to automatically appear after the participants are done taking their selfies. They can then simply swipe through the overlay designs you offer to choose their preferred one.
You’re Ready to Shine: 250+ Built-in, Premium Animations with Voice-Overs

Coupling a crystal-clear mirror reflection with any graphic animation is astounding, but the Beauty Mirror Booth utilizes that capability to get the maximum effect. All of the 250+ animations built-in with this photo booth’s software were created exclusively to be as clever, beautiful & entertaining as imaginable. And, they all include professional, complementing voice-overs.
The Animations are Bundled by Event Types

Including specific animations for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas, Halloween, children’s parties and more – So you and your Beauty Mirror Booth are ready to shine in any type of event.
Supports Your Own Custom Animations

You can easily turn an original idea, unique concept or purchased media into an animation for the mirror. Just imagine the endless possibilities. We even had an owner that created a full set of entertaining transitions for the mirror, using a green screen recording of his daughter as a presenter.
Supports Interactive Animations

With the full support of SWF (Adobe Flash files) animations, you can incorporate interactive touch animations into the experience. We’ve already included the interactive “Slot Machine” and “Wheel of Fortune” animations for you to use straight out-of-the-box, and there’s no limit to entertaining interactive ideas you can easily bring to life using this feature.
On-Glass Games & Apps

Combine touch-based games on a mirror with a multiplayer capability and a selfie keepsake that is taken & printed as part of the process and you get a mind-blowing experience.

The Beauty Mirror Booth comes packed with four interactive games that you can choose to include in the event’s workflow. The included games are ‘3 Shells and a Pea’, ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’, ‘Pong’ and ‘Screaming Contest’.
Add Custom Games & Apps

The Beauty Mirror Booth’s software also allows you develop your own interactive games or apps using Adobe Animate to include in your event’s workflows.
Printing Options

The Beauty Mirror Booth is fully compatible with any dye sublimation printer of your choice.

The mirror can ask the user how many copies it should print (if any). You can pre-set the limit to offer a minimum/maximum number of print copies.
Photographs are automatically transferred for an immediate print.
Supports any print size that your printer supports, including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 (both vertical & horizontal).
Supports photo strip printing.

Sharing Options
Sharing by MMS

You can allow participants to send selfies, GIFs, and videos taken by the Beauty Mirror Booth as an MMS message to their phone. Sharing by MMS is quick & easy with an on-glass number pad. You can customize pretty much anything in this feature – the design, the disclaimer and a custom text message.

Enabling this feature doesn’t even require a sim card as it is based on an internet connection and a Twilio account. It can also work with an occasional internet access during an event.
Sharing by Email

The mirror includes a built-in email sharing option. You can allow participants to share multiple photographs, animated GIF files and full videos (with audio) generated by the mirror using your server. Note that Foto Master does not offer storage, hosting, an email server, or online access to the data captured. To achieve that, one can explore the different social media integration platforms available in the market.
Sharing by Social Media Integration

Social media integration is also made accessible via a third-party software. Foto Master will supply you with a unique offer for a third-party social sharing app. The Beauty Mirror Booth uses a hotspot connection to wirelessly send photographs, GIFs, and videos to a tablet stand running the social sharing app provided by the third-party software.
It’s Fun to Operate
Amazing Portability: It’s Lightweight & fits in a Small Car

When collapsed, the Beauty Mirror Booth is just 12.7″ high, 38.2″ wide and 38.2″ deep, so it easily fits even in small cars like the Fiat 500 with its back seats folded down.

The Beauty Mirror Booth weighs just 81.6lbs. We supply you with an adjustable hand truck and a designated padded case to safely accommodate all of the mirror’s components. Transporting and moving the photo booth around safely is easy.
Hardware Design That Works for You

“Pop the Hood” of the Beauty Mirror Booth to find that its beauty extends inwards.

Components are efficiently distributed inside the mirror casing for ease of access and optimal, silent ventilation.

Cables are neatly tucked away in designated paths.

The photo booth can effortlessly switch the camera’s orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa. Clever mounts support mini-pc or laptop integration. Touch surface isolated behind the mirror glass.
The very stable,

120+ Built-in Presets

The Beauty Mirror Booth includes over 120 presets of common workflows that you can select from. Each preset includes a different combination of animations, interactive features, photo-taking settings, printout layout, and printout design. This means that even if your next event starts in a minute, you just select an appropriate workflow and you’re ready to rock.
You Have the Power: Customization

You have the power to create & customize pretty much anything in the Beauty Mirror Booth: The graphic animations, sounds & voice-overs, photography types & settings, games, stamping icons, printout layout, printout design, and the overall combination between all of them.

Come to think of it, you have the ability to make the Beauty Mirror Booth suit any unique event like it was created specifically for it. And, doing so is simple too. The Beauty Mirror Booth’s software includes a user-friendly interface for each feature, a designated Workflow Builder tool, and a designated Layout Designer tool.

Experience Selection Screen

You can make sure each participant gets the optimal experience by simply letting him choose one. The Beauty Mirror Booth allows you to present an experience selection screen based on presets you’ve selected or created. Each preset is represented by a thumbnail which the user can select with a simple touch.


Offering Participants Options

Presets offered for the selection can vary. For example, you can offer options based on the number of selfies taken, you can let the participants choose the design of the printout, you can even offer a selection of completely different experiences like “The Devil Experience” or “The Angel Experience” – each one complete with its own animations and printout designs. So with this feature, the sky’s the limit.

Customizing the Screen’s Look & Feel. Your photo installation experience can be fully-customized or branded by setting a static or an animated background. The Beauty Mirror Booth comes with a collection of animated backgrounds and you also have the option to add your own.

Light Painting





Custom Backdrop

We’re happy to design and provide full-size professional backdrop customization for your corporate event or high-end party.



Custom Props

Props are included in all packages however all kinds of custom props and hashtags are available for custom installations. #PhotoBoothHashtag is one of the hottest trends in our industry. Perfect for branding, event publicity, social media coordination, and creating a competitive advantage. Even brides-to-be are including it on their wedding invitations. We can do it all.


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