Complete Package Photo Booth Rental Prices

Complete Photo Booth Rental Package Prices

All-inclusive Photo Booth Parties Packages are complete fixed-price photo booth installation experiences for every budget. This is everyone’s favorite party attraction. Complete experiences with choice of top modern booths, free unlimited prints, props, friendly staff, and much more.

Photo Booth Rental2 hr3 hr4 hr5 hr
Open Module$600$800$900$1,000
Original Open Air$700$900$1100$1,250
Original Open Booth w/ LEDs$700$900$1100$1,250
Original Interactive Magic Mirror$850$1,050$1,400$1,600
Beauty Interactive Magic Mirror$850$1,100$1,350$1,500
Tower (87″) Interactive Magic Mirror$1300$1,800$2,250$2,500
Retro Interactive Magic Mirror$850$1,100$1,350$1,500
Infinite Interactive +$850$1,100$1,350$1,500
* Selfie Station (ipad w/ LED Ring)$500$750$900$1000
Hostess + Selfie Station (ipad w/ LED Ring)$700$900$1,100$1,250
Robot Photo Booth$1100$1700$2200$2350

Unmanned or Long-Term Installations

Great option for corporate events, trade shows and product launches. The Selfie Station (ipad w/ LED Ring) is the only photo booth “long-term installation” avaialble that does not require a Photo Booth Attendant.

Photo Booth Rental Prices Near Me

Photo booth rental prices listed below are for two (2) hours of active photo booth installation scheduled for your party or event.  Additional hours are charged 25% (of the initial two-hour installation price) per hour, and must be pre-arranged. Installation set-up and break-down/clean-up time are included in the package price.

Valentines Day Wedding Proposal with Photo Booth

Complete All-Inclusive Fixed-Price Photo Booth Rental Package Prices

Our photo booths experiences are fun and memorable for everyone, and can seamlessly be integrated into virtually any party type or theme or event. To save you money and time we offer value-based fixed-price complete all-inclusive photo booth installation packages, suitable for every budget. We’re experienced and always come prepared with all of our own equipment (with spares), our own Internet connection, a back-up printer, extra backdrops and props, connected tablets for email and social media sharing, and much more.

All Complete Photo Booth Packages Include

  • Trained and Uniformed Staff
  • Free Unlimited Prints
  • 100’s of Print Template Options
  • Customization of Prints Templates
  • Send Images to Guests by Email
  • Backdrop or Curtain
  • Fun and Playful Props
  • All Images on a Flash Drive

Photo Booth Rental Package Pricing FAQ’s

Where are you located?

Photo Booth Facility

1803 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

We have several locations for business, however our photo booths all originate from our largest facility in Brooklyn. That’s important to know because any photo booth installation that is not in Brooklyn costs us more to service, and therefore incurs an extended travel cost between $1-$2 per mile.

What about events that are not on the ground floor?

We’ll Discuss Logistics and Work with You

Not on the ground floor and no elevator, no problem. So what does happens when the events is not on the ground floor and there is no suitable or accessible elevator? When an event or photo booth party installation is challenging to access you should turn to the experienced professionals at 212 PHOTO BOOTH. There is almost always a solution, when the mutual will and experience exists.

Who pays for parking your truck?

Client Is Responsible for Parking Fees If Incurred

We try to make customers happy by avoiding extra costs related to our services, like parking or tickets. If we are working in busier Manhattan, or some other areas without access to reasonable safe parking; you will be advised immediately to help us resolve our shared situation. Please understand that you are ultimately responsible for reasonably unavoidable parking or associated fees when incurred at your event venue.

All Photo Booth Party Packages Include

Choose Photo Booth and Package

Premium Photo Booth Parties Package: Open / Module Photo Booths; Elite Photo Booth Parties Package: Magic Mirror / Infinity Photo Booths.

Trained and Uniformed Staff

Professional, trained and friendly Event Partners make guests happy. Our teams are experienced, reliable and ready to support your party.

Free Unlimited Prints

If you’re partying, we’re printing. Guests provided with as many customized high-quality color prints as requested.

100’s of Print Template Options

Choose from lots of event and theme-specific options for the layout of your 3-image guests prints.

Customization of Prints Templates

Choose the layout for your prints and we’ll customize that print template with the appropriate name and dates and colors of your event.

Send Images to Guests by Email

We provide a tablet so that guests can save and share the print electronically by email or on social media.

Backdrop or Curtain

All Photo Booth Installations include a (6ft x 6ft) professional-grade backdrop with options including colors and curtains.

Fun and Playful Props

Props include: big funny hats,  silly glasses. multi-colored lei’s and feathered boas, funny signs, and more. Includes Prop Table.

All Images on a Flash Drive

After the party is over, we’ll load a copy of all of the images onto a flash drive, and give that flash drive to you.

Original Interactive Magic Photo Booth

Beauty Magic Mirror Photo Booth Wedding

Custom Photo Booth Installation Add-on Services

The complete photo booth installation packages meet the needs of the majority by including print customization and many other choices. However the possibilities for customizing a photo booth experience are almost endless, and therefore everything possible is not included in the price of the complete packages. For example Green Screen and Animated GIF’s are custom add-on services are instead offered at an additional custom price.  .are many additional Services

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