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What is the Cost vs Value when Hiring 212 PHOTO BOOTH Rental?

Choose experience, value and quality while also comparing our competitve photo booth rental pricing to our competitors.

How much does a bad photo booth rental experience cost?

As consumers, we all deal with the “cost vs value equation” everyday when considering products to purchase and services to hire. 

Parties and events are usually a pretty big deal and important to those imnvesting time and money into a special occasion.

Yet, far too many of our intitial conversations with professional event planners and individuals that have hosted parties and events in the past are nearly horror stories of previous poor experiences with photo booth vendors

In almost every case after hearing the story the most-significant factor in the decision had been who had offered the lowest price. Price was almost always the primary and over-riding reason they had chosen that vendor. New clients even admitted regretfully renting from Groupon for such an important service.    

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How much does a great photo booth rental with a proven professional company cost?

Complete Photo Booth Rental Packages Meet the Needs of the Majority of our Party Clients


212 PHOTO BOOTH provides complete photo booth rental packages to the majority of our private party clients and takes into consideration a variety of factors including; the type of photo booth and equipment required, travel time and distance to the party or event, logistics, specific client requirements, and a few more.

The majority of party photo booth rental clients are in the price-range of between $750 and $2500.      

Comprehensive Photo Booth Rental Customization for Corporate Events and Trade Shows

212 PHOTO BOOTH is one of the top brands in the PB event rental space and on the cutting-edge of redefining “what is a photo booth” and “what can we do with it”. We have the equipment and ability to perform everything from the traditional photo booth activation to out-of-this-world installations themes and advanced multi-booth and (lights, scaffolding and screens) and advanced corporate interactive displays.   

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PEEK is a photo booth SELFIE STATION kiosk. It remains fixed in one place throughout the event.

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It's not too late. Holiday dates and photo booths are still available. Please call before your date is booked. 

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Congratulations! We have a great selection of fun photo booths to capture your special day forever. 

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