Photo Booth Rental Prices

Choose experience, value, and quality while also comparing our competitive photo booth rental prices to the prices of our competitors. At 212 PHOTO BOOTH, we understand that photo booth rental prices are always going to be a relevant consideration, although experience teaches us that there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a professional photo booth rental vendor and partner.

Photo Booth Rental Prices Range by Requirements

Photo booth rental prices are dependent on client requirements. 

At 212 PHOTO BOOTH, we understand that photo booth rental prices are always going to be a relevant consideration. That’s why we provide complete photo booth rental packages to make things easier. Every customer and event requires special consideration however the majority of our photo booth rental activations fall within the price range of $750 to $2500. 

For example, large photo booth installations such as the MOSAIC WALL and multi-photo booth installations will require a larger investment. Custom work graphic design, the printing of backgrounds, and branded photo booth wraps will also require a larger investment.

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"Price is what you pay, value is what you get."

– Warren Buffett

Factors That Determine Photo Booth Rental Prices

We control and communicate our photo booth rental prices.

In order to control and communicate our photo booth rental prices, we provide complete photo booth rental packages and take into consideration a variety of factors including the type of photo booth and equipment required, travel time and distance to the event, traffic, venue logistics, and specific client requirements

Cost-effective complete photo booth rental packages include your choice of standard background and props. Custom photo booth rental activations may also include custom photo booth backgrounds or step-and-repeat, custom photo props, and much more.

"There is no DO-OVER When it Comes to Life's Most Important Events."

– Elliot Erlikh

Photo Booth Rental Prices - Cost vs Value Equation

Please consider 25 years of earned expertise, authority, and trust.

As consumers, we all address the “COST VS VALUE EQUATION” daily when considering products to purchase and services to hire. Comparing prices is a given. However 212 PHOTO BOOTH would like you to consider what we believe are some of the most important factors you should consider when purchasing a photo booth rental (1) the expertise we have acquired, (2) the authority we have established through innovation, (3) and the trust we continue to build and nurture daily with our customers and community.

Photo Booth Rental Prices and Once-In-A-Lifetime Occasions

Trust and dependability are critical when choosing your photo booth rental partner for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Parties and events are often very special potentially once-in-a-lifetime occasions. We’ll often invest significant time and money into making the event enjoyable and memorable. However, we often speak to new clients that have had bad experiences when renting a photo booth for their special occasion or event. Professional event planners and people that have hosted parties and events in the past will share what are essentially horror stories of unacceptable experiences with photo booth vendors. The most common complaints are the “no show” or showing up late and unprepared, using broken or inferior equipment than expected, unprofessional set-up, and especially a lack of experience and an unprofessional presentation or unacceptable behaviors.

In almost every case and after hearing the client’s tale of woe we learned that the most significant factor in the decision to work with that undesirable and unreliable photo booth rental vendor had been, “who had offered the lowest price?”. Clients have shared regret after choosing vendors from Groupon and budget websites for such an important professional service.

Photo Booth Rental Print Templates Frames and Set-Up

Comprehensive Photo Booth Rental Customization for Corporate Events and Trade Shows

212 PHOTO BOOTH is a top brand in the PB event rental space and on the cutting-edge of redefining “what is a photo booth” and “what we can do with it”. We have the equipment and ability to perform everything from the traditional photo booth activation to out-of-this-world installations themes and advanced multi-booth and (lights, scaffolding and screens) and advanced corporate interactive displays.


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