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Photo Booth Rental Custom Add-On's

Branded Wrap Selfie Kiosk / Photo Booth, Custom Themed Activation Backgrounds, Green-Screen Digital Backgrounds, MIRROR Photo Booths – Variable Media & Templates

Many Additional Professional Activation and Experience Customization Options are Available

Or talented team is experienced and adept at creating everything from massive corporate activations at trade shows, to elaborate uniquely-themed stunning wedding activations, to dynamic Birthday or Bar Mitzvah Celebration activations, and more.    

MIRROR Photo Booth and Selfie KIOSK Can be Custom-Branded.

The Original MIRROR Photo Booth, and the SELFIE STATION KIOSK can both be custom-wrapped. Our design and production team can completely design and brand private or corporate activations and custom-wrap the equipment at an additional cost. Or we can provide the digital template file to your design team. 

Custom Backgrounds for Themed and Unique Photo Booth Activations

We offer a large choice of backdrops as part of a complete photo booth rental package.  All photo booths activations that are fixed-in-place are a viable candidate for Custom Backgrounds. Popular custom options include the, Over-sized Backgrounds, Custom Art Design Backgrounds, Mixed-Material Backgrounds, and more. 

MIRROR X Photo Booth Rental 6ft Tall All-Mirror

MIRROR X photo booth rental is a big hit everytime, and sure to be center of the party. The spectacular visual presentation on-screen attracts everyone and draws them into the activation. MIRROR X photo booth rental is an exclusive product not available from most vendors.

MIRROR X Photo-based Entertainment

MIRROR X photo booth rental is a technological wonder and it also happens that photobooths are the #1 most popular attraction at parties, by far. MIRROR X is a great entertainment centerpiece for weddings, corporate events, and high-profile holiday parties or birthdays. 

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Grab attention and make a huge impression! The classy stylish MIRROR X combined with premium professional service is the perfect addition to every corporate event.  

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