How to Do Green Screen for Photo Booth

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How to Do Green Screen for Photo Booth

At 212 PHOTO BOOTH we take these 3 steps for the best results with green screen (chroma key).


Light Installation Evenly

At 212 PHOTO BOOTH we work with clients and venues to make sure flash lights the entire background evenly.

We recommend using two flashes one on camera left and one on camera right.

If you only have one flash, place it above the camera.

Set your flash to constant power so it doesn’t change from photo to photo.


Adjust White Balance

At 212 PHOTO BOOTH we will set a proper white balance for your photos when we start.

We set a custom white balance with a piece of white paper or someone wearing a white shirt.

There may be slight variations from camera to camera but we know what to do.

That way we get the best possible original photos and green screen results.


Use Green Screen Custom Settings

At 212 PHOTO BOOTH we provide experienced photo booth attendant-technicians ensuring that lighting and camera settings are correct.

We know how to use the tools that will give you much better and more consistent results.

We have the experience to work in many conditions.

Green Screen is not usually suitable for changing light or inconsistent light conditions.

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