Open Air Photo Booth Rental

The most cost-effective popular photo booth rental option in the Tri-State Area!

212 photo booth open photo booth

Open Air Photo Booth® Rental – the Genuine Original Versatile Photo Booth

212 PHOTO BOOTH complete “Open Booth” photo booth rental packages includes: the use of the booth, and the services of one (1) trained staff member to operate the booth installation – including set-up/break-down the installation.


Best-Priced Fun Versatile Open Air Photo Booth

Our most popular lowest-priced photo booth for rental in use is the Open Air Photobooth. This photo booth revolutionized the concept of the original “closed photo booths” of the past, and can accommodate up to 20 persons (apx.). The vast majority of Open Air Photobooth installations now incorporate a single wall draped backdrop – which we included free for use with all packages. The actual floor area required for Open Air Photo Booth installation with a backdrop is modest 5-feet x 6-feet. A bench or chair may be considered a good idea if anticipating anyone unable to stand safely or comfortably.

Open Air Photo Booth Size & Dimensions

The Open Air Photo Booth is comprised of two self-enclosed cases that are stacked for operation. The top case is 16” by 22” by 34” high; weighing approximately 50 lbs. Bottom case is 14” by 22” by 38” high, weighing approximately 50 lbs. When the cases are in use, they offer a compact 14” by 22” footprint and stand approximately 6’ high. Because it so smartly designed that one team member can both install and operate the equipment independently – lowering costs to you.

What’s Inside the Open Air Photo Booth?

The top case houses the adjustable studio strobe, Canon DSLR camera, Windows 64-Bit custom computer system and touch screen monitor interface; and the bottom case houses the professional dye-sublimation printer. These cases travel separately and easily nest on top of each other during use. Storage space is built into the bottom case for use during an event. Bottom case can also be used as a stand-alone unit for separate printing applications.

Open Air Photo Booth Features High-Res DSLR Camera

The digital prints are crisp and clear and unlimited copies are free for your guests. High-resolution imaging, superior print quality and speed are combined for the best results and experience. Studio grade adjustable lighting and Canon DSLR imaging technology is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 8 seconds. The ability to take pictures with a digital backdrop (Green Screen utilization) is also built into the Open Air Photobooth® Software.

Open Air Photo Booth Video

Watch the video to see our team members and the Open Air Photo Booth for rental in action.

Photo Booth Rental Add On Customization Services

Customization options include: Photo Booth Green Screen, Video, Morphing, Animated GIF’s and more. We can create unique original experiences, and have all of the lighting and sound equipment or talent you will ever need.

 If you require a more customized or branded experience for your corporate event or more extravagant affair, essentially anything is possible.


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