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Custom Photo Booth Backgrounds

Many Backgrounds are Available with Photo Booth Rental Package

We offer a large choice of backdrops and activation curtains as part of our complete photo booth rental package

However, some clients require completely unique photo booth rental activations. Unlimited options include step-and-repeats, re-creations, over-sized backgrounds, custom art design backgrounds, mixed-material backgrounds, and so much more.

Some Activations Demand a Photo Booth Background that is Unique

We have the experience, talent, and resources to make your unique custom activation a work of art! 

Let you imagination run wild, we have the team in place. Request lighting and scaffolding options to support your large activation theme ideas. Custom Photo Booth Background options include:  Over-sized Backgrounds, Custom Art Design Backgrounds, Mixed-Material Backgrounds, and more.


Take note of the custom sculpture within a mixed-material background at photo booth activation.  Paris Hilton’s birthday party and featuring the #THEGLAMAPP.


Take note of the custom step-and-repeat photo booth background created for Stonybrook University at corporate event.

Custom-Branded SELFIE STATION KIOSK Corporate Activation for Nike

portfolio of corporate events 212 photo booth rental

The Bank of America CAREER ARENA at Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 with MIRROR X in front as part of a comprehensive custom activation build ncluding the PHOTO MOSAIC WALL and the SELFLIE STATION KIOSK. 

Photo Booth Rental Activation FX Shadows

FX Channel launches “What We Do In The Shadows” with photo booth and show-inspired custom-themed background. #shadowsfx


Ellen DeGeneres partners with Ashley Graham to launch inspiring new jooint-series Fearless with photo booth and show-inspired custom-themed background. #shadowsfx

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