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Client Portfolio - ADRIANA LIMA @ PUMA X

The Main Take-Away

The most significant take-away from this event was our client CLUB LIMA by ADRIANA LIMA was able to create brand awareness, capture leads for remarketing, and generate a buzz on social media around the event at PUMA X in Manhattan.

Adrian Lima Selfie Station Club Liam aat Puma NYC 1 (86)

International supermodel Adriana Lima introduces boxing-inspired performance pieces with strong streetwear influence. Her fashion and style reflect her personality and attitude as 212 Photo Booth was there to capture her finest moments!

Photos from PUMA X featuring Adriana Lima and Club Lima

PUMA X featuring Adriana Lima and Club Lima

PUMA X and Adriana Lima launched their first collection together; the classic performance pieces have a streetwear and boxing influence that complement any wardrobe. Retro graphics elevate understated blacks and greys, functional materials, and flawless fits. The performance footwear is not only great for the gym, but it can easily translate to the street when needed. With ready training features and overall gritty vibe, everyone will be a champ of Club Lima.


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