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Can We Custom-Wrap and Brand the Photo Booths Activations?

Yes! Many photo booth activations can be branded, based on which equipment is being used.

Custom brand wrap is available for the Original MIRROR, the SELFIE STATION KIOSK, and others.

We Design and Brand Elite Private and Corporate Activations and Custom-Wrap Photo Booths and Kiosks

We custom wrap photo booths and kiosks. Our creative designers can design any type of photo booth activation you require; featuring all standard options from traditionally-branded Red Carpet or Step & Repeat, to unique activations featuring natural settings and architecture, mixed-materials, professional lighting, and even massive-scale build-outs at trade shows.  

Custom-wrapped and branding on the physical case is a staple of our corporate and trade show business. Our most-popular interactive touch screen MIRROR photo booth rentals and the hot new SELFIE STATION KIOSK for business and lead generation can be custom-wrapped.

*Note that some photo booth models cannot be directly wrapped, although creativity in building an activation can resolve nearly any requirement.

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Design & Branding Activations Photo Booth Activations

Our talented graphic design team is experienced at designing fantastic and eye-catching theme-specific activations featuring the most-popular visual elements you would expect at a photo booth activation. We’re also creative and have the ability to create theme-specific, unique and complex visual photo booth activations that you would never expect.


Ellen choses Custom-Wrap forthe Original MIRROR Photo Booths

212 PHOTO BOOTH is an ultra-experienced photo booth rental business (+15-years) successfully performing at nearly 500 corporate photo booth in 2019 alone. 

We’re eager to professionally design, print and physically wrap all approved photo booths models that require this service, at an additional charge. 

However, if you have the resources you may also perform this service internally.

We are also more than happy to provide the digital file template to you at no additional charge, so that your own graphic design team can design the piece and print the vinyl wrap and physically wrap the device.

Call (800) 229-7278 to speak to a professional about your event and specific needs today.

Branded-Wrapping of the HOT Selfie Station Kiosk

Our 212 PHOTO BOOTH graphic design team is talented and experienced at designing fantastic and eye-catching theme-specific activations featuring the most-popular visual elements you would expect at a photo booth activation.

Green Screen photo booth background at the activation.

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Branded-Wrapping of the Tower Mirror Photo Booth

Click image for larger hi-resolution version.

Branded Custom-Wrap Template for the SELFIE STATION KIOSK

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