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BEAUTY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH rental is made for style-focused event & party rental. Stunning, modern and bold interactive experiences await your guests.

Premium Photo Booth Rental BEAUTY MIRROR

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BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth Rental 5ft & Round

BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth rental is photo entertainment style personified and is sure to be the fashion-foward center of any elite party or event. Sleek and 5-feet tall, the black-frame supports a modern round mirror photo booth that’s 4 feet in diameter. The BEAUTY MIRROR photo booth is an exclusive product.

BEAUTY MIRROR Photo-based Entertainment

BEAUTY MIRROR is a photo booth that was designed with film and fashion in-mind. Lean and modern, this photo booth is very popular with product-launch, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and entertainment clients. BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth is also a big-time favorite at Weddings, corporate events, and high-profile holiday parties or birthdays. 

BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth Features 

Interactive photo-taking experience and additional customization options including voice guidance, gesture and movement detection, vibrant splash screen animations, touch-based photo-signing, emoji stamping, engaging interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns, more.

Complete Packages include Backdrop, Unlimited Prints, Fun Props, Two (2) Attendants, and more.

BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth Rental is Elite Entertainment

This modern photo booth features include an amazing special touch-screen interface with animations and voice-guidance, a hi-resolution DSLR camera for sharp big images, and a powerful computer to make it all work. Add innovative professional photo booth software that makes it fun and easy to share on social media or email, and now you have a party. Add custom GIF animations, shoot real video, choose form 100’s of green screen backgrounds – or customize your own, and many additional customizations to enhance or brand your event.
beauty mirror photo booth rental by 212 photo booth

Interactive BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth Rental Features

In addition to the interactive photo-taking experience, customization options include: Voice Guidance, Gesture & Movement Detection, vibrant Animations, touch based Photo-Signing, Emoji Stamping, Interactive Contests, Social Games, colorful Photo Countdowns and more.

Mobile-Photo Friendly Photo Booth Rental is Fun and Promotes Social Sharing

The stylish and beautiful BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth features an amazing interactive magic glass touch-screen interface, hiding a hi-resolution DSLR camera, powerful computer with professional photo booth software that makes social media and email or sharing of GIF animation, real video, green screen, and other customization’s possible.

BEAUTY MIRROR Wedding Photo Booth Rental

What was I thinking… I almost didn’t book a photo booth for My Wedding! Yeah, that would have been a big mistake. Let me show you what went down… 

BEAUTY MIRROR Photo Booth Rental is Elite Entertainment for Events

This modern interactive photo booth features include an amazing special touch-screen interface with animations and voice-guidance, a hi-resolution DSLR camera for sharp big images, and a powerful computer to make it all work. Add innovative professional photo booth software that makes it fun and easy to share on social media or email, and now you have a party. Add custom GIF animations, shoot real video, choose form 100’s of green screen backgrounds – or customize your own, and many additional customizations to enhance or brand your event.

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How many people fit into a photo booth activation?

That is a great question…

29 Guests Have Fit Into a MIRROR Photo Booth Activation at 1-Time

The determining factors are background size, distance from device, and settings within the photo both camera set-up process.

Routinely, 10 people fit easily however we have seen 29 people captured with full faces and having lots of fun. That’s the record so far… can you break it?

BEAUTY MIRROR at Valentine's Day Wedding Proposal

Grab attention and make a huge impression! The classy stylish MIRROR X combined with premium professional service is the perfect addition to every corporate event.  

MIRROR Photo Booth Rental Modern Technology Features

  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • Professional Lighting
  • High Definition Color Printing
  • Social Media and Email Sharing
  • Multi-Touch Support and Voice Guidance
  • Gesture and movement detection
  • Colorful bright animations in mirror user-flow
  • Photo signing or colorful-customizable emoji stamps
  • Screaming Contest and Social Games
  • Custom branded colorful photo countdowns
infinite photo booth rental 33

All Photo Booth Rental Packages Include...

Fixed-price all-inclusive complete photo booth rental packages are designed to provide everything needed for an amazing photo booth activation and experience. 

Additionally, further customization of every aspect of a corporate and or higher-profile photo booth actiation are also available.   

Backdrop or Curtain

All Photo Booth Installations include a (6ft x 6ft) professional-grade backdrop with options including colors and curtains.

Fun Playful Props

Props include: big funny hats,  silly glasses. multi-colored lei’s and feathered boas, funny signs, and more. Includes Prop Table.

Images on Flash Drive

After the party is over, we’ll load a copy of all of the images onto a flash drive, and give that flash drive to you.

Choose Photo Booth

We currently have 12 types of photo booths including four (4) models of Interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booths , Open Air Booths, and much more.

Trained Uniformed Staff

Professional, trained and friendly, insured event partners and associates make guests happy. Our teams are experienced, reliable and ready to support your event or party.

Free Unlimited Prints

If you’re partying, we’re printing. Guests are happily provided with as many keepsakes as requested, customized high-quality color prints from a professional dye-sublimation printer

Magic Glass makes the Mirror Photo Booth Nearly Indestructible

The MIRROR’S glass has never been broken at an event. Durability was tested with a hammer strike and yet the glass remained intact!

Nearley indestructible glass that performs as a work of art. Our MIRROR Photo Booth’s glass is a brilliant pure reflection on a top-quality mirror with amazing transparency quality producing crisp, crystal clear graphics.