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Interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth Rental🪄🎥

212 PHOTO BOOTH photo booth rental service!  Photobooth rental for every occasion, event or corporate activation. +25 years of success and experience as a trusted Tri-State partner for unforgettable memories and fun at parties. Featuring the highly-popular Mirror Photo Booth rental collection. 

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Mirror Photo Booth Rental: a portal to interactive wonder.🌟

 As you approach, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth comes alive with vibrant splash screen animations, inviting you into an immersive experience 🎨. Your voice guides the journey, while your gestures and movements bring the magic to life, creating a symphony of interactivity 🗣️👋.


Interactive Original Magic   Magic Mirror Photo Booth rental: picture-style frame, screen and photobooth case can be branded.  

Interactive Beauty Mirror  – Mirror Photo Booth: Round minimalist frame; photobooth screen can be branded.  

Interactive Mirror X – Mirror Photo Booth: 6′ Tall with rectangle minimalist frame; photobooth screen can be branded. 

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Innovative Photo Booth Rental Options for Every Event 🤳

In the world of event photography, innovation takes center stage with three more groundbreaking options from 212 PHOTO BOOTH 📸. 

First, the 360 Photo Booth 🔄, a marvel of modern technology, featuring a platform and a 360-degree rotating camera. It doesn’t just capture images; it encapsulates moments from every angle, enhanced by a customizable background and media output 🌟. 

Next, step up to the Kiosk Photo Booth, affectionately known as the “Selfie Station” 🤳. This isn’t just a photo booth; it’s an experience, offering background installation and tailored media outputs for a personal touch 🎨. 

Finally, the Roaming Light Ring Camera, or “Ring Roamer” 💡, redefines mobile event videography. Designed for all scenarios including low-light environments, this innovative tool requires no background setup, ensuring you never miss a moment 🌙. Each of these options promises to transform any event into an unforgettable and #sharable journey 🎉.

The 360 PHOTO BOOTH: Platform and 360-Degree Rotating Camera, includes background installation and media output customization. 

The KIOSK PHOTO BOOTH: aka “The SELFIE STATION”, includes background installation and media output customization. 

The ROAMING LIGHT RING Camera: the RING ROAMER is great for low-light settings. No background or set-up required. 

Beauty Mirror Photo Booth Rental

Make your:🎄Holiday Event a Shimmering Success with: 📷 Mirror Photo Booth Rental! 🎉

Transform your holiday event into a dazzling spectacle with a Mirror Photo Booth Rental! 🌟 Picture this: your guests stepping up to a full-length, interactive touchscreen mirror that not only captures their festive moments but also adds a touch of enchantment to every snapshot. 📸

✨ Why choose a Mirror Photo Booth? 

First, it’s a showstopper, instantly becoming the centerpiece of your celebration, and creating unforgettable memories. Second, it’s the ultimate icebreaker, encouraging guests to strike their most creative poses and connect in a fun and lighthearted way. And finally, it’s a digital powerhouse, effortlessly sharing the joy on social media with customizable branded photos. 🔥

Happy Client Testimonials

Great experience. Photo Booth installations are usually popular as entertainment and catch the eye. However, this was the first event we've hosted where we worked with the vendor with a specific focus on acquiring qualified leads. This type of marketing helps support and justify our expenses for events. From now on 212 PHOTO BOOTH will be our go-to photo booth vendor.
Jesi Richards
We met Elliot and Inna when at our son's Barmitzvah. We also rented photo booths from 212 PHOTO BOOTH for two birthday parties, and our 20th anniversary. Nice professional people. No problems, no stress. We've recommended them to our friends and family for many years.
photo booth for bar mitzvah
Alvin Bergman
Who knew a photo booth could be so cool! That new 360 Photo Booth is FIRE! It spins around you and snaps slides to create a video that you can share on Facebook and Instagram. Fun and easy to use. Alex provided a professional service at the event and Elliot took care of everything we needed. The props were hilarious and on point. This business deserves to bighly recommended.
360 photo booth 212 phot booth
Amica Thompkins

❤️‍🔥Turn Your Party into a🧯 Blaze of Glory 🚒 with a Mirror Photo Booth Rental! 🔥

Get ready to turn up the heat at your holiday event with a sizzling 🔥 Mirror Photo Booth Rental! The party is on fire, and here’s why you need this blazing addition: 🚒 

First, it’s the 🧯 firefighter of fun, extinguishing boredom and igniting excitement as your guests gather around its mesmerizing mirror. 🧯 

Second, it sparks a passionate flame among your attendees, encouraging them to let loose and capture their heartfelt moments with pure ❤️‍🔥 enthusiasm. And, it’s not just any booth; it’s a social media sensation, spreading the fiery joy far and wide. Make your holiday celebration an unforgettable blaze of glory with a Mirror Photo Booth Rental! 🎉📸🔥


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and Installation Concepts

We also offer a wide variety of additional and expansive customization options for the guest experience and the physical activation at an event. Contact a representative for more details on graphic design, printing, lighting, and more. 

🎅Corporate Party - Holiday🎄 Photo Booth Rental

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